Nana's FAQs. 35 year old, petite Bangkok escort.

Nana's FAQs

After tons of emails every day, I have listed answers to the most common ones below to save me valuable time answering them over and over again. Elsewhere at this site you can find answers to most other questions.

InCall vs OutCall

1 Do you provide InCall?   +


2 Bangkok   +

3 Bangkok Short-Time   +

4 Pattaya   +

5 Phuket   +

6 Udon Thani   +

7 Khon Kaen   +

Before Meeting

8 I have a special request.   +

9 How do I arrange a meeting?   +

10 Do you like older men?   +

11 Do you only see White men?   +

12 Can I have your phone #?Can I have your WhatsApp?Can I have your Line?   +

13 Is a deposit required?   +

14 Can I get a discount?   +

15 Can I see you on webcam?   +

16 Custom or extra pics?   +

17 Are you tested for STDs?   +

18 Can you speak English?   +

19 Booking Form required?   +

20 User Name to pic gallery?   +

21 Can you travel to my country?   +

22 Do you see disabled clients?   +

23 Are you Independent?   +

24 Canceling before meeting?   +

During Meeting

25 Canceling after meeting?   +

26 Can you pick me up at airport?   +

27 Can you just come up to my room & knock?   +

28 When do I pay you?   +

29 Can I pay in foreign?   +

30 Are condoms required?   +

31 Any limits on shots?   +

32 Do you do anal?   +

33 Do you provide massages?   +

34 Can I take pictures/video?   +

After Meeting

35 Do you expect tips?   +

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Almost any question you might have has probably been asked before many times and thus we"ve answered it somewhere at this site. Check the other pages for answers and also check this page as this is were the throw all other asked questions which might not fit on other pages.

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