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Nana's Booking Form. 35 year old, petite Bangkok escort.

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Escort: Nana

Booking Manager: Mickey

Emails & Booking Forms are only checked and answered between 12:00 noon - 22:00 (10:00 PM).

Booking Request

Booking Request

This Booking Form is ONLY to be used to request a meeting, not to request more information. If I accept this booking request, there is a cancelation fee if you later cancel for ANY reason.

We are all sleep now. Booking Requests sent now will be checked after we wake at about 12:00 noon.

Booking Requests for today will be accepted until: 22:00 (10:00 pm)

VIP & Repeat clients should access this page from the VIP area for a shorter form.

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VIP clients get priority over other clients even if they book later. Therefore, it is best to select more than 1 escort in the order you prefer just in case your first choice isn't available or gets taken by a VIP client later. To better guarantee your booking with your first choice if available, you might consider joining our VIP Program.

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Availability Status:

VIPs can use the booking form inside the VIP area to book further in advance than is listed above. Non VIPs are limited to no more than about 1 month in advance.

A 10% advance deposit is required for bookings longer than 24 hours.
Deposit is returned upon meeting Nana so will be deducted from your total.
Deposit is only refundable if Nana cancels, not if you cancel--that would defeat the purpose of a deposit.

For privacy, this is a secure page and this form will be sent encrypted.

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Very detailed instructions are already listed on this page. Read everything very very carefully.

The only thing I probably need to repeat is that there is a cancelation fee if you complete this booking form, we confirm it, and you cancel. Doesn't matter if you cancel immediately, cancel with plenty of advance notice, cancel because your trip got canceled or cancel because you or someone in your family died. So DO NOT complete this booking form unless you are 100% sure that you want to follow through with the booking. If not 100% sure then WAIT until you are before completing this.

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